Shorty is pregnant! We are so excited!


FTW Bellspaddle Mungo




Pups expected mid-July!

13. April 2024

Charity WT Höflein

Mac - Outerbanks ABENTHAN - 2nd place  Beginner Class (L)!!!


February 17th/18th 2024


ABENTHAN Jetset - Jet   *08.02.2023

(FTCh Artistryn Ulrich x ABENTHAN Calais)


participates successfully in his first Hunting Test in the USA!

The previous weekend he has attended his first "real" hunt.


I am so happy for his owners and proud of Jet, our first American ABENTHAN!



We are very delighted and happy and are looking forward to the following weeks together with our six new girls!

They will be ready for their new families April 31st, 2024.

+43 676 83 833 202



They did it! We are so excited!

Calais is confirmed in pups! Good job Mac!

We expect black and yellow puppies by the beginning of February 2024.


Please get in touch if you are interested in a working pup!

+43 676 83 833 202 or email


About one and a half weeks ago, the last puppies of our K-litter (Marsh Marigold's Allatonce Arthos x Ragweeds Alabama) left for their new families. We are very grateful for the wonderful and intense weeks we spent with them. Meanwhile Abba enjoys getting some work done.


FTCh Artistryn Ulrich x ABENTHAN Calais

We are very happy about seven pups and very much looking forward to the following weeks!

Two dogs (1 black / 1 yellow) and

five bitches (1 black / 4 yellow)



Finally arrived!!


Six dogs (black/yellow) and two bitches (black).

Abba and her pups are doing very well!

+43 676 83 833 202




Our new family member is at home!


Mac - Outerbanks Abenthan

(FTW Troddenmills Get A Grip of Darceford x Abenthan Elfie)


Thank you Marlies Morisse for just everything!


Abba (Ragweed's Alabama) was mated by FTAW Marsh Marigold's Allatonce Arthos last weekend. In about tree weeks, we will know, if the mating has been successful and we can expect pups for the beginning of August.

More infos and pedigree can be found at "litters" - "I-litter".



Training ABENTHAN Calais!

Thank you Eva-Maria and Michi for the videos!



FTW Drumgoose Ironman x ABENTHAN Calais

As the litter is far bigger than expected, please feel free to contact me, either per Email or phone. +43 676 83 833 202



Last weekend Abba surprised us with nine puppies!

As usually she is a loving and caring mum.


G-Litter -

FtCh Tamrose Aragon x Ragweed's Alabama


We are very much looking forward! We will have Abenthan-pups in June!

FTCh Tamrose Aragon x Ragweed's Alabama

FTW Drumgoose Ironman x Abenthan Calais


Three sons out of ABENTHAN Calais' and Ragweed's Grandeur of Fendawood (autumn 2019). I am very grateful for the life they can life with their owners.


Our next ABENTHAN litter is expected for 2021.


Four out of eight litter siblings of our F-Litter (FTCh Ragweed's Grandeur x Abenthan Calais, DOB 28.10.2020) enjoyed a laid-back, hot training in the shade and at the lake. Thank you Karl Müllner for the training and the all the advises!



Tomorrow pups will be four weeks! And they are doing great!

If you are interested in one of them, please get in touch!

They will be ready for their new homes from December 23rd on.


FTW Ragweed's Grandeur x Abenthan Calais



FTW Ragweed's Grandeur x ABENTHAN Calais


5 black dogs

1 yellow dog

2 yellow bitches




Today's ultrasound confirmed - ABENTHAN Calais is in pups! We hopefully will have pups end of October / beginning of November. The pups would be ready for their families at the end of December.


Pedigree Calais / Granger:





ABENTHAN F-Litter (End of October 2019)


ABENTHAN Calais - Calais (Int FTCh Fendawood Drummer x Ragweed's Reggae) was mated to

FTW Ragweed's Grandeur - Granger (Int. FTCh Beileys Aguzannis of Fendawood x Emmanygan Raven).


Pedigree F-Litter:





Brahetrolleborg Profine Nations Cup 2019
Three day Team-Working Test

1. Sweden National Team

2. Germany National Team

3. Denmark Free Team 1 Jytland

and Volker Herrmann with ABENTHAN Bell  - TOPDOG!!
Oh my God! So happy for you!


Volker Herrmann and ABENTHAN Bell won the Individual Open Working Test in Großheubach / Germany on Saturday March 23, and the Open Team Working Test on Sunday!

Congratulations Volker, I am so happy for you!



Today ABENTHAN Calais (IntFTCh Fendawood Drummer x Ragweeds Reggae) won the Marzipan Trophy / Dummy Trial Novice in Strem / Burgenland. I am so happy with my young bitch! Thank you Roland Zörer and your team for oranizing this charitiy event!

(Photo 1 and 3 Wolfgang Hueber)


Our E-litter is now three weeks old! Lovely pups!

FTW JG Optimist of Fendawood x Ragweeds Alabama

Interested in a working breed puppy with outstanding pedgree? Get in touch! *43 676 83 833 202 or claudia@semikin.at


Volker Herrmann and ABENTHAN Bell (InTFTW Baileys Aguzannis of Fendawood x Regweeds Reggae) won the novice class of the DRC Working Test Finals! So, so happy for you!


Start of the third week! Pups open their eyes slowly and are starting to walk!

Interested in a working breed puppy with outstanding pedgree? Get in touch! *43 676 83 833 202 or claudia@semikin.at


First week already full! Time passed quickly with sleeping and drinking. Pups are growing nicely.

FTW JG Optimist of Fendawood x Ragweeds Alabama.

For Infos please call me:  +43 676 83 833 202





Volker Herrmann and his Belli (ABENTHAN BELL) won the novice class at the WT Braunschweiger Löwe.



Very well done! So happy for you!



FTW JG Optimist of Fendawood x Ragweeds Alabama

Abba always gives 110%! Yesterday she gave birth to ten puppies. Five dogs and five bitches (three blacks and two yellows each).

If everything developes well, as we hope, pups will be ready about November 5th for their new homes.

With Abba and Opi as parents and their pedigree background we expect the puppies to be first class working dogs with loads of style, hunting ability and will to please.

If you are interested in one of the pups, please do not hesitate to contact us. Per phone +43 676 83 833202 or mail.



Happy Abba is gaining size slowly! Four more weeks to go until mid September!

(FTW JG Optimist of Fendawood x Ragweeds Alabma)


Ultrasound confirmed - Abba is in pups!

OFTW JG Optimist of Fendawood (Opi) x Ragweeds Alabama of Abenthan (Abba)

The litter is due mid September.


Today Ragweeds Alabama of Abenthan (*21.06.2016) was mated to OFTW JG Optimist of Fendawood (*03.07.2015).

We think these two a perfect match! Stylish and passionate Ragweeds Alabama of Abenthan and the more than talented OFTW JG Optimist of Fendawood. Opi was raised and trained by Stefanie and David Latham. With his owner Damian Newman he came first in a Novice, as well an Open Field Trial in Ireland last autumn. In about three weeks time we will know, wether we will be lucky with yellow and black pups in September 2018!



ABENTHANS are five weeks already! They get to know the world, carry things around and are just cute! Cannot take my eyes of them!

At the moment 1 yellow bitch (ABENTHAN DOVER) and  1 black bitch (ABENTHAN DAISY) are available again!


Again Reggae did a great job!

This morning Reggae delievered eigth healthy pups! We are so glad about 4 dogs (2 black / 2 yellow) and 4 bitches (3 black / 1 yellow).


WT Fertöd/Hungary

Ragweed´s Alabamas ABENTHAN first start at a WT!

Beginner Class 4th place 67 out of 89 pts.

"Abba" didn´t seem very impressed neither by the wonderful surroundings of the widespread park of the Eszterhazy castle nor by the "test-atmosphere". She showed style, pace and a very good nose. We now know our homework and look forward to our next tests!


We are very happy - Ragweed´s Grandeur of Fendawood (Granger) did a really good job! Todays ultrasound confirmed that Ragweed´s Reggae is in pups! Birth of the Reggae/Grandeur pups around April 8th, they will be ready to leave for their new homes around June 8th.


Today Ragweed´s Reggae was mated with Ragweed´s Grandeur of Fendawood (Granger).

Granger is black, compact, strong, young dog with a kind expression. Last October he was awarded third at the 14 Dog Novice Trial organised by the Yorkshire Retriever Field Trial Society.

Granger is a stylish dog with a definte "will to please" and love for his work.

When off duty he is a sympathetic "softie".

In about three weeks we will know, if Reggae is in pups!

Infos 0676 / 83 833 202.


Actually planning ABENTHAN´S D-Litter!

Ragweeds Reggae is in season an will be mated to Fendawood Grandeur February 2018.

If nature allows, we hopefully expect our D-puppies April 2018.

Contact +43 676 83 833 202 or claudia@semikin.at





Reggae and me having great fun training after Reggae´s puppy break!


ABENTHAN BELL left this week for her new working place in Germany. Looks like a perfect match. Thank you Volker for providing her with everything a working dog can wish for - lots of love and work.

ABENTHAN Bell (DOB 14.08.2015) is a lovely, stylish 20 months old bitch (sterilized) out of Int.FTCh and IGL-Winner Beileys Aguzannis of Fendawood and Ragweed´s Reggae.  Eager to please, loves to work - she is a stylish hunter that never seems to tire – and a quiet companion in everyday´s life.Basics done - heelwork, steadiness, stop-whistle, left, right, no sounds. Would see her in novice level.

I would love her to have a hunting/sporting home, where her qualities are appreciated and she can do what she loves most – to work.

22 / 10 / 2016

JSR, OkO SPZ Topoľčany


Herzlichen Glückwunsch Anastazia Guzanova und Abenthan Bright zum ersten Platz!


Congratulations Anastazia Guzanova and Abenthan Bright - 1st place!


Freue mich für euch!!!






28 / 08 / 2016


Bravo Abenthan Bell

WT E / Beginners - Karlstift 

10. Platz - sehr gut



08 /04 / 2016

Bravo Ragweed´s Reggae !

Dummy Trial Novice / Mannersdorf an der Rabnitz

2. Platz / 2nd place