ABENTHAN Get Shorty - Shorty

* 29. Mai 2021


Sire: FTCh Tamrose Aragon

Dam: Ragweeds Alabama

Conformation: Very Good

Breeding Licence ÖRC

Complete Scissors Bite

Eyes free (September 2023)


HD B, ED-0, Shoulder OCD free

prcd-PRA (N/N), CNM (N/N), EIC (N/N), SD2 (N/N), HNPK (N/N)


Hunting Test - Bringleistungsprüfung (BLP) - 1A-Preis and Suchensieger - April 2023

Working Test Beginner (L) - Excellent 77/80 points - June 2023

Dummy Trial Novice (DT) - "Good" in Vitnyed (May 2023) and Grub (August 2023)


Shorty - my dream! A amiable, friendly and intelligent bitch with a huge will-to-please. Stylish and fast, with an excellent nose. Great will to work paired with equally great calmness and balance. In Autumn 2023 I have taken her to a few picking-ups, being completely herself with all the virtues described above. It is such a joy to have her by your side!

We are planning her first litter for spring/summer 2024.


Shortys Pedigree: