Bestagers and Loved Ones

Ragweeds Alabama


Abba has retired from breeding this year (2023) - but.....
Picking up is her passion, which she can now pursue unhindered. Abba amazes  with her incredible game finding ability and her impeccable nose. A quality I think she will have also passed on to her offspring. Daughter Shorty (ABENTHAN Get Shorty) and grandson Mac (Outerbanks ABENTHAN) live with us ...

Abbas Business Card:

Ragweeds Alabama - Abba
* 21. June 2016


Sire: FTCh Fendawood Drummer

Dam: Ragweeds Reggae

Conformation: Very Good
Breeding Licence ÖRC
Complete Scissor Bite
Eyes free (April 2022)
HD B, ED-0, Shoulder OCD free
prcd-PRA (N/N), CNM (N/N), EIC (N/N), HNPK (N/N), SD2 (N/N)

Character Test
Working Test Novice (L)
Picking Up

Abba has lived with us since she was fifteen months old. She is a very well-balanced, robust bitch. She has a very happy disposition and is up for any nonsense. Abba loves to work with dummies, is stylish, fast and has a very good nose.

Abba's Pedigree

Ragweed´s Reggae

* 06.09.2011

WeT, WT L, WT M, Dummy Trial, Excellent HD A, ED 0, OCD Shoulder Free, Eyes Free (10/2016)
prcd-PRA N / N, CNM N / N, EIC N / N, HNPKN / N. Our Reggae is extremely human-oriented, happy, and with every mischief. Reggae is very eager to work, balanced and always trying to do everything right. Also in everyday life, she is a very pleasant companion.

Blackharn Wren

* 23.02.2010 - 08.05.2020

WT L, M, Dummy Trial

Wren is the black darling of our pack. Wren is happy at the work she does with style, passion and intelligence. Also on the city plaza, she is a pleasant companion who sits patiently in the shop and waits until all shopping is done.

ASTON Mac of Willwood Waters

* 01.12.2004 - 16.01.2019

WeT  Very Good.
HD A, ED 0, OCD shoulder free,
Eyes clear, prcd-PRA N / N
Mac is the senior and undisputed boss of the Abenthans. The ideal companion and family dog with very good work equipment that regularly steals the hearts of the visitors.