FTW Drumgoose Ironman



15. 06.2021

5 Dogs ( 3 black / 2 yellow)

4 Bitches (3 blackz / 1 yellow)

(Photos below!)

FTW Drumgoose Ironman - Angus

DOB 06.03.2016



Field Trial Winner


Hipscore 3/7, ED 0/0, Augen frei, prcd-PRA clear, CNM clear (hereditarliy), EIC clear, SD2 clear


Angus ist bred and trained by Billy Lundy in Ireland. Angus is such a relaxed, easy going, amiable dog, that could proof his working qualities at field trials and hunting - being a strong, reliable and passionate partner with great hunting ability.


ABENTHAN Calais - Calais

DOB 02.03.2017


Very Good


WT Puppy, Novice and Intermediate

Novice Dummy Trial Winner


HD A, ED-0, OCD Schulter frei, prcd-PRA (N/N), CNM (N/N), Augen frei, Scherengebiss vollständig, EIC N/N, HNPK N/N, SD2 N/N


Calais is a very fast and stylish bitch with an enormous will to please and working passion. At home Calais is a calm and devoted companion.