Winter/Spring 2023/24


Outerbanks ABENTHAN x ABENTHAN Calais


Calais will be in season November/December 2023 and will be mated to Mac (Outerbanks ABENTHAN).

Our experienced, keen to work and fast Calais meets our powerful, always calm, concentrated and stylish working young dog with his extra-will-to please.

Interested in a promising working pup? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Outerbanks ABENTHAN - Mac

* April 11, 2022

Sire: FTW Troddenmills Get A Grip of Dacreford


Conformation: Excellent

Breeding License ÖRC

Complete Scissor Bite

Eyes clear (April 2023)


HD B, ED-0, Shoulder OCD free

prcd-PRA (N/N), CNM (N/N), EIC (N/N), SD2 (N/N), HNPK (N/N)



* 2nd March 2017

Sire:  FTCh Fendawood Drummer

Dam: Ragweeds Reggae

Conformation: Very Good

Breeding Licence ÖRC

Complete Scissor Bite

Eyes free  (May 2022)

HD A, ED-0, Shoulder OCD free

prcd-PRA (N/N), CNM (N/N), EIC (N/N), HNPK (N/N), SD2 (N/N)


Huntig Test - Bringleistungsprüfung (BLP) - 1d-Preis Bad Bleiburg September 2021

Working Test Novice (M)

Dummy Trial Novice (DT) - 1. Place excellent

Picking Up